Office Cleaning London – Creating a Positive First Impression

Office cleaning London is an essential task that every business owner should take care of. It not only keeps the place clean, but also keeps the employees healthy. Using a cleaning service will create a positive first impression on clients and keep the business in good shape.


In recent years, the ways in which we work have changed dramatically, from individual desks to activity-based working. These changes are creating new challenges for service providers. One of these is the need to recruit top-quality FM staff.

Another challenge is maintaining air quality. The increasing use of shared working areas in multi-tenanted buildings can create a high risk of contamination. Shared working areas are used by many different people during the day, so it is essential that they are spotless each time a new user arrives. This can be achieved through a hygienic cleaning regime.

Increasingly, businesses are offering flexible working. A third of employees in the UK prefer this kind of working to get a raise. It can also be an attractive option for prospective recruits. However, it is not always possible to implement this type of working for cleaners.

Using beacon technology to understand building usage is another way of facilitating change. This can be combined with a mobile communications system, which can alert facilities teams to spillages or other incidents as they occur. Using these technologies can help to maximise the efficiency of cleaning schedules.


There is more to office cleaning than just mopping the floors. The right company can do the dirty work while you concentrate on more important things like managing your staff and generating new business. You can be assured of a clean workplace, as well as a happy customer base.

A clean office can also mean improved morale, higher productivity, and a lower incidence of sick leave. Having a shiny office can also be a good first impression to visitors, if only because it looks nice. In short, you want to make your office space a reflection of you and your company’s image. Whether you have one employee or 100, a tidy workspace can boost your company’s overall productivity and make your employees happy to go to work each morning. Luckily, the best office cleaning services are a phone call away. Besides, it is always easier to make that phone call than to have to do it yourself.

Creates a lasting first impression

Creating a great first impression can be the difference between a prospective customer or client deciding to do business with you and avoiding you altogether. A well-tidy office can do wonders for ensuring your staff remain happy, healthy and productive. Having a clean office can help your staff maintain a positive working relationship with you and the rest of the team.

Obviously, a clean and tidy office can also be a source of inspiration for your workers. This is especially true if you are a start-up, as you will want to keep your company’s brand image as consistent as possible. You will find that your staff are much more likely to perform their best work in a comfortable environment. To ensure that your office is in tip top condition, you should consider hiring the services of a professional cleaning company. The results will be worth the investment.

If you are not sure where to start when it comes to office cleaning in London, you can call on Image Office Cleaning. With offices in London and around the capital, we can help you create a great first impression for your business. Whether you are looking to tidy up your own workspace, or you are in need of a full scale commercial cleaning service, our team can provide you with an efficient and affordable solution.


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